Tuesday 20 November 2007

Time is running up

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released on 16 November 2007 brings together elements of three reports that the IPCC has already released this year.

Among its main conclusions are that climate change is "unequivocal", that humankind's emissions of greenhouse gases are more than 90% likely to be the main cause, and might cause "abrupt and irreversible" changes to our planet. However, the IPCC report on climate change and Global Warming is already outdated while released: observations all over the world show how fast changes happen, at an ever increasing speed.

Has anyone out there asked him/herself what exactly "abrupt and irreversible" means ? Well here it is: within less than 50 years, this planet will be a very different place. 5 out of 6 peoples will die one way or the other....out of a population of 7 to 8 billions....any questions ? So we shall act!


In every family, more than one member will obviously be affected. This might be a worst case prediction, but someone had to say it for once!

This is why we cordially invite all men of good will and reason to become founder members of

MARE: Mid Atlantic Renewable Energy Initiative

Why M.A.R.E. ?

Because our world faces several severe challenges, some of which are intimately linked:

  1. global warming & climate change
  2. the impending energy (oil) crisis
  3. our politicians failing to act and show us the way out or the solutions...
  4. big industries still heavily involved in the "business as usual", fossil fuel area of doing things...
  5. the almost total unawareness of the gravity the situation by the general public and hence their "don't care" attitude...

Meanwhile, the most recent data shows how, at an unprecedented rate, the above mentioned problems I. & II. are gathering speed and are demonstrating clear signs of an exponential runaway.

The facts are in and not looking good at all

Let's put it this way:

Our civilization sits in a car running downhill on a steep slope, without brakes or even a driver !

The wakeup call is now !

While every little effort in energy efficiency and conservation is welcome, very large scale clean renewable energy solutions have to be designed and build. This is where the M.A.R.E. Initiative comes in.

M.A.R.E. is put together by people who care about the future of this planet and want to act now, before it's way too late. People who do realize we need to think BIG.

M.A.R.E. is about putting our priorities right as a globally responsible civilization and it is about decisive leadership and bold visions.

MARE's goal is to become the largest independent clean energy provider in the world and has the potential to make the Difference, the next big step in our progress as a civilization.

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